Short Summary:

An alien rescue mission to save a dying Earth, Eva Fortney is an alien with a mission—only she doesn’t know it yet. Born on the planet Ampaqua, the humanoid Eva is imbued with extraordinary powers. She possesses both telekinetic and telecommunicant abilities. Most special of all is how she can use her talents in medicine. Eva is unknowingly transported to an Earth that has been ravaged by man-made and natural cataclysms: nuclear vaporizations, asteroid showers, volcanic eruptions, disease, and catastrophic natural storms. Mass death has diminished the population to less than five million people. Eva’s job will be no less than to rescue a dying world. Accompanied by Shadow mysterious creature called Shadow, Eva will face all the perils of a planet and its people in their last days of existence.


"This is as much a cautionary tale as it is top notch science fiction. You have to read this book." --Vivian E. Garcia, author of “REC:ord”

"BRILLIANT!" --Richard Criscuola and Samuel McPherson, authors of “Outstar 1: Dark Discovery”

"This book provides a startling and sobering look at our own times through the lens of the 25th century." --Lou Leblanc, author of “The New England Dragon”