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South of the Hill

This story is a work inspired by the real life of the hardworking Frank W. Boykin, who demonstrated, developed, and was determined to devote every day of his life to city, state, nation, family, and friends. He gave God credit for all his successes.

He was a man of letters—long, effusive letters that rival the richest ingredients in Little Orphan Annie, Sonnets from the Portuguese, or a popular TV commercial. His correspondences include Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman and other prominent and powerful figures. These letters document a rich part of American history told firsthand as it was unfolding. 

Congressman Frank W. Boykin was elected to Congress from the First Congressional District of Alabama at a special election held on July 30, 1935, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of the Honorable John McDuffie. Mr. Boykin had been re-elected each time since 1935 and at the expiration of the eighty-fourth Congress, would have been in Congress over twenty-eight years. He had opposition in nine of his campaigns, and his greatest victory was carrying each of his seven counties, some of them by eighty percent of the vote. Mr. Boykin was well-known not only in his home state of Alabama and in Washington, but throughout the nation. He was especially known for his famous slogan: “Everything Is Made for Love.” He truly lived his slogan, as he loved his fellow man.

Con a Con

When Liz meets handsome and charismatic Bevilish at an AA meeting, she is smitten. Though he may be a bit rough around the edges and admits to a sordid past, he’s getting his act together, and Bamby is eager to help.

Before long Bevilish convinces Liz to let him move in with her and her mother, Grievance, who is also won over by his charms. For a time they all live together in bliss, but then Grievance begins to notice some strange behavior. Bevilish gets into violent arguments with her nephew. He breaks Liz’s computer. He’s always complaining of mysterious illnesses and coerces the women into giving him money for doctor visits and medication. He even lashes out at Mary physically.

Finally, when several of her most prized possessions go missing, Mary has had enough. She calls the cops on Bevilish, and that’s when they learn the truth: he’s been a con man for years, scamming and stealing from people everywhere he goes. Liz and Mary are just his latest victims.

Bevilish is thrown in jail, where he wins the sympathy of Rosey, a young female guard. Once he’s released, he seduces her just like he had Liz—and another young woman named Amy, who he meets at another AA meeting. When chance brings the two women together, they figure out Bevilish is scamming them both. Amy sets up a sting operation and catches him stealing from her home, and Bevilish ends up back in jail for life, where he belongs.

“Con a Con” will appeal to readers who have enjoyed other books such as:
* “Now You See Her” by James Patterson
* “Silver Girl” by Elin Hilderbrand
* “The Man in the Rockefeller Suit: The Astonishing Rise and Spectacular Fall of a Serial Imposter” by Mark Seal

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